2017-01-25 10:22 am

How things are going

Things are going good.

I'm much more concentrated on school, focusing on actually doing well instead of just coasting. I think I'm doing pretty well balancing school, work, and my personal activities. I'm much further along on gaming than I've been in a while. Things are coming together. Even just this morning things that normally would've ruined my day made it feel like things happened for a reason - some girl stole my class seat and gave me the smuggest look, I tripped going down stairs and then I was about to buy something and realised I didn't have my wallet, but then I went and got my wallet and things just smoothed out. Gotta keep focusing on the good things.
2017-01-18 02:39 pm

First Post woooo..

This is (obviously) my first post. I really dk what's going on, figured I'd try this since it was a blogging/livejournal type site. I'm probably going to be posting like personal rants and maybe some writing I've been working on. Who knows..